This Is To Moving On

Found this piece through a friend and thought to share it…
This is to moving on
(would like to point out that this
piece and ”goodbye finally” are
not from a real break up,
relationship wise, but, i was
inspired. A series of events led
to my writing these. I also had
other things and people in my
life i needed to say goodbye to
and was hoping others felt the
same way.)I got caught up in
the idea of us, that i lost me.
I gave into the comfort you
the familiarity you represent(ed)
that i dreaded change.
You embodied all that i had come
to know, and my memory’s full of
So you became like an old
couch,wrinkled, threadbare and
yet i kept you around.
you became a permanent fixture i
wasn’t ready to be rid of.
i treated you with care so you
wouldn’t be ruined.
I gave you attention and time,
I nurtured, and i pampered to
show you i cared.
But you see,
I was losing myself, loosing my
I couldn’t remember a time we
weren’t together.
A time when i was just me and
content in knowing that.
A time where i took chances and
opened myself up to new things.
Where i gave others a chance.
I’ve shed too many tears to last me
a life time,
Suffered heart ache and now
”my hearts crippled by the vein i
keep on closing”….
I’ve bled enough for you.
I know i said i’d
cry a thousand rivers,
will love you always
But you know what? I’m drowning
and my hearts becoming too numb.
Love’s meant to heal, but all i feel
is bruised and wounded.
It’s meant to be a work of art,
and I almost believed I had become
a connoisseur, given the best to
but all i see now is a bleeding
It’s not a
picture of a thousand sunsets
and our
bed of roses
is past wilting, its made up of
I thought we made good music but
all i hear is a broken record.
I’ve finally come out of my stupor,
and realized
we were always meant to say
Everyone thought we were perfect,
but honey, perfects not enough to
make us survive.
i guess this is me not trying to hurt
you, but doing so all the same.
it pains me to see you this way and
knowing i caused it.
But better now than later. Now we
get out with scars only.
Hush!!!, don’t say a word,
don’t try to change my mind, you
deserve better…
and i definitely deserve the best.
So, am already
this is me moving on.
By Sunesis.

Culled from


A Thousand Love Mishapps(2)

Tolu was every teenagers dream, she was beautiful, smart, elegant, graceful,beautiful and well…beautiful… you need to see her. It was my second week in school when I noticed her, she probably came late from holidays…you see,I was a 5 feet tall lil kid (a cute one at that) who had just transfered in from kwara state to start my JS2 in Ibadan. It was a private school Fountains International school in Bodija,(good luck trying to find it in real life) and it was both bording and day school . It was on a tuesday morning,I was just leaving the hostel(as a bording house student) when a blue Toyota Corolla pulled up by the girls’ hostel, then I saw her,pink pair of Sketchers sneakers, white socks, CLEAN legs, then the short dress that was the girls’ uniform and a pink denim jacket,her face was like that of an angel,she had a simple lip gloss on and she has a glittery kind of eye shadow(I would have surely hated it of it was another girl that was wearing that eye shadow)…my jaw dropped to the floor. Sweet Mother of Joseph! She was beautiful.Gaaawwd!!! I couldnt wait to get to know but not when the matron was nearby… If you move three inches withine the vicinity of the girls’ hostel that woman will turn you upside down and use you to sweep the floor…literarily. So I had to leave and wait for my chance. A few weeks passed, I and Tolu had become close,(I know,Im a fast devil arent I) I was fund of doing her assignment and copying her notes for her, she was always buying me mirinda (which was precious to me at the time) and keeping me company before going to her hostel. We’d grown pretty close,we were what you can call…friends with benefits. My hostel mates and friends(very crazy bunch those guys, when I think of it now,yup,they were crazy! There was a guy that liked to use his name to make rhymes in self-composed rap songs and the worst part was he wouldnt sing if his penis was not dangling free all over the hostel…gross!). As I was saying,my hostel mates convinced me to ask her out…I always declined,but they urged “Guy ,you sef you be fine boy now” “No carry last O” ” Be sharp,man”…So I waited till first term JS3. I planned it all through the holiday how I was gonna present my case, a little music,I would use a pocket Walkman(ipods were not common in my school…or in naija sef at the time) present a flower and then my proposal. It was the perfect plan. When we resumed school I waited for the first Six months(just kidding,six days) I had what you can call frozen feet…I couldnt say jack to her. I always felt like I was gonna pee on myself everytime I as much as think about it around her. Im not sure if she noticed my nervousness around her even though I was popular with the senior girls,(I had three school mothers and alot of girls above my age liked me…probably because I looked like a human Chuwawa…Cute voice,small stature and I could sing. I would always sing “I need a girl” of Usher and Pdiddy for my school mothers…or any West Life song. Anyways back to my romance life with Tolu(please permit me to call it that,okay?) . So on a fateful friday, during siesta, I snuck out of the hostel to meet Tolu in class(she was usually in an empty class during siesta,she says she hates siesta) I was feeling all good and excited “Tolu..will you be my butterfly…no no no” I was rehearsing in my head as I walked towards the class room”Tolu…will you marry me…In…a Secondary school kinda way…no no thats dumb” I was making progress baa? “Tolu please be the sugar in my coffee…what the hell?” hell no…I was still rehearsing in my head when I heard Tolu’s laughter…she wasnt alone? I paused,inched closer and heard a guys voice…he was definitely an older guy’s voice “Ha! Mogbe!” I whispered to myself. I wanted to barge in and see what was happening,but I decided to play ditective a little. I located a small bush near the window of the class and watched from outside,it was senior Fash! A complete spawn of the devil and a human…that dude was evil. He’s the one that slapped a junior in JS1 and the kid spun 360° on the spot before collapsing…just because the kid mistakenly spill tea on his Hawk’s blood Timbz! Talk about wickedness in high places. What was he doing with Tolu…My Tolu. And they were smiling,giggling, laughing. I hope the matron catches them. Then like magic,I saw him move really close to her…then he kissed her…she seemed startled “U better slap him” I muttered from inside the bush. Then he tried to move closer again, “Now for the slap of the century” I thought,”he had it coming”. What happened was more like the kiss of the century. Yeeeh! I clasped my hands on my head. From there he started feeling on her boobs…No! No! No! Those are mine! I whispered desperately. I was busy cursing Fash as he smooched and kissed my wife(what?! Yes she was my wife! Tolu and I were meant to be together…and get married and make sweet sweet love and make little Sam and Tolus).
“Young man, what are you doing there???!!!” I heard a deep feminin voice call from behinde me.
I spun around, eyes wide and heart racing,it was the matron! “Oh shit!” I muttered,I wanted to run but I knew it would be jumping out of a frying pan into a pool of molten magma. I froze. She stomped towards me, I quickly dropped the rose on the floor. “I say what are you doing here?!”
“I ..I..I was just taking a stroll ma” a pathetic attempt of a lie.
“Strolling??!!…During Siesta!!!”
“I couldnt sleep ma”
“Shut up!!!” She yelled in my face, and startled me…I was gonna start crying(what? Someone with a face as scary as the Matron’s will make a grown man pee in his pants).
“Im sorry ma” I said as she grabbed my hand.”Im sorry ma” I continued pleading.
“Taking you to your Mr.Akin”
“Aaah…please ma. Im begging you” my pleading intensified. You see,Mr.Akin also known as’A.K.’ was my house master. Fair skinned,bald and he must have been a slave owner in Missisipi in his past life…in short,that guy can whip a tree till it yelps. Am not talking about just any kind of whipping,am talking whipping with some serious style, designer whipping with a belt. To him whipping must have been like some kind of art. You wont want this man to beat you, talk less of roll up his sleves when he’s in a bad mood…cus if he does,YOU DEAD! That night I couldnt sleep cus I and the house master had a fine encounter, lets just say me and him have a mutual agreement that I never ever ever ever ever step out of my bed during siestas again…and incase I forgot all I had to do was touch my butt…cus I was sure it would be sore for the rest of my days.
The next day,I was in the dinning hall trying to enjoy my breakfast when Fash walked to where I was sitting and stared down at me. And in the coolest and smoothest voice said” So na you dey peep me and my girlfriend abi?” he spoke in the pace of someone like Bruce Willis “See me in the hostel after school.” He said and walked away.
“Why did my parents give birth to me?” I thought, because I honestly and earnesrly wish I would cease to exist for just a while. In class, I was haunted by things Fash would do to me after school hours…I didnt want to think of it…I might as well commit suicide( suggestions anyone?). I sat in class hardly using my butt. I had barely opened my maths text book to see if there was any assignment I hadnt done(and from experience,I had plenty) then I looked up momentarily only to see standing before me,was Tolu.

9 Signs That Your Relationship Is In Danger.

9 Signs That Your Relationship Is In Danger.(Culled from Spark Now this stuff is hilarious! U gotta love the sense of humor…however, as you laugh out loud and Roll on the floor(or bed,or road,or sand…one can never tell) try to get the real points because they are actually quite accurate. Enjoy 🙂 1. Awkward Around Friends: Your girlfriend always avoids explaining your relationship to her friends. “This is my boyfriend and I love him sooo much!” you expect her to say. “Here’s this dude,” she says instead. “PTTHTBH,” she adds, sticking out her tongue and giving you a thumbs-down. Undeterred, you attempt to put your arm around her, but she chases you away with a garden hose like a common raccoon. 2. Stalky Behavior: Your boyfriend constantly keeps tabs on your interactions with Mother guys. He’s always asking what you’re doing right now, often as he bursts out of a storm drain while


you’re walking down the street. You have not received mail in weeks because he chases off your mailman with a rake every morning. There is a bush in your backyard that is always suspiciously sneezing. 3. Inappropriate Jealousy: Your boyfriend gets all weird and possessive over the tiniest things. If a guy waves at you in the hallway, your boyfriend angrily demands that you not go into hallways anymore. If a dog licks your hand while you’re at the park, he resolves to hunt down the dog’s girlfriend and make out with it. 4. Lies/Avoidance: You girlfriend never seems to be able to make time for you anymore. “I can’t have coffee with you today because my hamster has a fever!” she informs you, crying, but also playing a game on her phone at the same time. Later you walk past Starbucks and there she is, laughing and having coffee with her hamster. 5. Suspicious Texts: You check your boyfriend’s phone one day, and you discover with shock that all his recently received texts are like “i cant wait to see you again ;)” and “you have such a beautiful mouth.” You confront him, and he reassures you that all of these texts are from his dentist. 6. Never Telling Family About You: You’ve been dating your girlfriend for a long time, but you’ve never been to her house, so one day you show up unexpectedly to deliver her a romantic bouquet of roses. Her dad pokes his head out the window. “IT’S ONE OF THEM TEEN- AGERS! AND HE’S GOT FLOWERS ! GET MY SHOTGUN, MILDRED!” he bellows. 7. Finding Distractions Too Easily: Sitting together with your girlfriend on a beautiful day, you feel like the moment is perfect, and you lean in to kiss her. “Oh but wait!” she exclaims, wrenching her entire body away from your stupid mouth. “There is a cute bird outside!” You look outside, and the bird isn’t even all that cute. 8. Failing To Notice Significant Changes: You dye your hair from blonde to jet black and then meet up with your boyfriend. “What do you think??” you ask, flipping your hair around. “I think that fiat currency is the leash that keeps us bound to our Lizard People overlords! Ron Paul 2016,” he says, staring right at you with his big dumb oblivious face. 9. Sudden Changes In Behavior: Your girlfriend always enjoyed playing your homemade D&D modules— Attack Of The Horrible Football-Playing Orcs, Revenge Of The Stupid Mean Orcs of Jock Mountain— but then one day, you notice her making out with like five different football players. You bring it up to her later, and she assures you she was only making sure that everybody else is a worse kisser than you. You are completely satisfied by this.

This Love Thing

This love thing,
What can one say about this love thing?
Its patient,
Its kind,
Its long-suffering,
its beautiful and all that!

“You cant really say its always a feeling”
Thats what they say…
For it goes up and down like a tossed shilling.
Its usually unstable,
Like chemical mixtures on a lab table.

They say feelings are just hormones.
How could they say that?
But then again,maybe they’re right.

They say love is not just about the looks
Because looks could be decieving
They say its not about charm
Because charm could be misleading

That means Its a lot more
Its the confidence in a voice
Its the sincerity of a kiss
Its the rythm of a heart
Its a solemn resolve to be committed
Its not sharing a bed…
Its sharing burdens,and laughter

Its the courage to go into the darkest parts of one’s being…and light a candle there
So as to clear out the clutter.
Its genuine,
Its a task that requires grace.



1.Give people something they wish they could make themselves but can’t. You have a unique set of skills. Own them!

2. Understand your brand: your brand is a genuine statement of who you are and what you make.

3. Make things for other people. Find people who inspire and challenge you to keep creating and making amazing things.

4. Experiment. Most will fail, but the ones that succeed will be completely amazing.

5. Don’t just sell things, excite customers. Turn customers into collectors.

6. Tell a story! Who are you? What is your shop all about? Why do you make that?

7. Only put forth quality. Think like an art director.

8. Make each “transaction” remarkable and memorable.

9. Be human and let shoppers enjoy buying from a unique, creative human.

10. Develop a support team.

11. Set your intentions rather than goals.

12. Work out your pricing model. Set your business up for financial success, not failure.

13. Track and grow. What you can’t track doesn’t grow. Evaluate and gauge success weekly.

14. Have fun and celebrate your life. You created this! It is beautiful and worth celebrating.

15. It is important to “treat people with an overall feeling that they are taking part in something artistic” – David Butler

16. Pitch your amazing item or service to editors weekly.

17. Think like a shop owner before contacting them about wholesale. Understand marketing in merchandising.

18. Any time you can make your brand feel more human and more intentional, do it.

19. Be remarkable. Create things that are memorable and amazing.

20. Step back and enjoy this life you created. Don’t lose that first love. Creating your own career and proving people with something beautifully and unique is priceless.

A Thosand Love Mishapps

“Sam”…I heard my name,but I didnt want to answer. “Sam” the voice calls again, I refuse to stir. “what the heck naa?!” I thought . I wasnt ready to budge.
“Samuel” the hand gently touched me. I opened my eyes, fully prepared to bitch slap someone. In one swift movement I turned to dish the slap. I froze. I looked up to see Dre, or should I say Mr. Dare Oshinowa, my friend, work colleague….and well,my. “Oh…um…Hi?…” I said still having that what-heck-are-you-doing-here expression on my face.
“What the heck are you doing here?!” he asked me,like the guy was using my thoughts against me.
“Bu…I, what are you…Im…”
“Shit, Sam, are you drunk !?”
“What?” I say gruggily”No man. Do I look drunk to you?” I defended. “And what are you doing in my house?” I asked him, frowning a little.
“Really?” Dre chuckled ” The question is,what are you doing in my office,on my couch?”
“Wha…!” I looked around. Crap! I was actually in Dre’s office, on his couch. Yesterday night it looked so much like my bed, though a part of my brain told me it was too small but then again…wait. I looked to my side to see two bottles of Moet. One was half empty, the other was laying on the table, obviously empty. I sat up lazily and rubbed my heavy eyes. It was all coming back to me, yup, as sure as hell and as true as sunshine, I was drunk and had passed out on Dre’s couch in his office,at work. I don mess up.
“If you werent my buddy I should fire you right now” he said helping me fetch my shoes and suit.
“I dont do guys” I attempted a joke.
“Ode!” He spat, half annoyed. I could see the smile playing at the corner of his lips and the contrasting weight the single word carried.”I’m really sorry man. I really am.”
“What are you doing here sef?”
He asked. I paused for a few seconds, I wasnt sure, but I felt a pain in my chest,heart break! I looked sadly at Dre.
“I think I just broke up with Mariam”
“Ho No! Not again” he said shaking his head, he knew it was the girl that actually broke up with me not the other way round.”Take the day off. Get out of here before anyone sees a whole editor looking like this”
“Im a journalist too..” I corrected.
“Who gives a rat’s ass …as if its an excuse” he blurted. He helped me put my shoes on as I put my suit on. I was not really hung over but I was weak. A few minutes later I was already in a cab, I thanked Dre as the cab drove off. “I’ll come see you in the evening” he said.
I checked my wrist watch, 6:52am.

The shower hit me with warm pelets of water. It felt heavy on my skin. I felt sore. As the the water droplets hit my skin, the memories of the previous night hit me and the soreness of my body was felt in my heart. Yeah, Maria broke up with me, she even had the decency of sealing it with a slap, on her birthday. Exactly a year after we first me how Ironic, like a sad scene in a witty comedy. And her man friend(I say man friend cus the dude had the belly like a nine month pregnant woman, a fat one at that, obviously in his early forties…well,maybe late thirties. He had a very nice shirt on and I think he was holding a key that had a Porsche logp,or was it Cadillac,wait thats not the issue sef, he’s ugly na…)”Stupid me!” I spat to the ground as I watched the sarliva slither into the drain with the water running from my body.
“Why does it alway have to happen to me like this?” I thought aloud as I fell into my bed. I couldnt have done something wrong na, girls are just not worth it jarey. My phone made the notification sound that implied a low battery, fortunately there was light. I rolled over and reached for the charger beside my bed and plugged the phone in. I saw that I
had emails and Whatsapp messages,I shrugged and dropped the phone on the floor beside my bed. I roll onto my back again,staring at the fan that spun above me, and like some kind of hypnosis, Im taken back to my secondary school days, when I first fell in love, when the tap of unfortunate events was turned loose on my life. It all started with one sweet girl, man she was hot, I believe she still is,except she got married to a bricklayer and gave birth to six kids and has sagging boobs and a shapeless waist now,which is very VERY unlikely…anyways her name was Tolu…Oh,Tolu.

The Live Box Analogy

Everyone has a Life Box attached to him or her. You see,your Life Box is like a Wagon(or mobile house,popularly used by people who move around alot), and in every wagon are features-or dare I say- furnitures, that reflect alot about you and whether you and a person are compatible or not(or if you’re fun to be with or as boring as fried chicken butt). Some people have a really pretty Life Box on the outside, well coloured and catchy from afar, while some people’s Life Box may look like something used to recycle poop, and there are those whose Life Box look plain and totally uninteresting from the outside. Going inside, there are three basic things a Life Box has, a chair, a TV, and a bed(Im sure y’all can guess what they mean *wink) In case you’re wondering,the bed means romance(not neccessarily sex…perv!),the chair means comfort or friendship factor, the TV means “interest” and “fun factor” of the person’s mind. Some people have big fluffy couches(super nice,you want to barf around them), some have tiny wooden stools(there’s no way you can be comfortable around these guys). Some people have dingy little black n white coloured TVs,some have 3D plasma(Mind blown), some have a tiny lil bed(yeah,you guessed it) while some have what would make a king size bed have a low self esteem. In all, these people have variations, a girl could have a sweetly painted outside but on getting inside,you find a tiny TV, a soft arm chair and a giant bed(did someone come to mind?). Then some dude may have a plain moderate paint job(probably pale blue) and then a tiny chair, a wee lil’ bed (cus he aint getting none-lol) and a Large plasma TV with gizmoes attached to it(he could probably crack the CIA firewall with that thing), and so on. The variation is endless,big bed, big chair,small TV. Big TV, big chair….well,no bed. Poop-like outside usually comes with No bed, little comes of the chair and maybe the TV is broken. Shiny exterior and a really messy interior with No TV,only radio and a tiny bed,or a big one, then a loooooooong couch. The list goes on and the variation is endless(actually it isnt,any mathematician could find the variables.) Im sure you must have figured which category you fall into, (the good thing about these things is that they’re changeable,or do I say upgradeable) and that detemines wether or not you attract someone who has an Awesome Life Box. The thing is,the exterior can be decieving, you get to know them when you take a look at what their life box looks like on the inside, if you like ths size of the chair and TV (which you’ll know after the first few dates)then you’re good, you’ll find out about the bed later…(You dont agree? Okay. You can start off from the bed and see how far that gets you). If you find some one who has features you like(I usually look out for a kitchen then a Bible,right after I check the TV and chair…as for the bed,when I check it is all of my business and none of your’s) then by all means go for it,however, if she doesnt like the size of your chair or TV, or doesnt like the feel of your bed(if you’ve got one) then there’s no use forcing it, the variations out there are endless, you’ll find one that suits you, like I and my girlfriend,oh she suits me just nicely (oh dont be jealous,no ,please do be jealous,it helps….me. Muhahahahaha,okay thats enough)
So what’s your Life Box like? Do you wanna modify?(not ALL things can be modified, well,except by a miracle). Are you a poop-like box looking for a shinny box, uughhh,think again, Life Boxes of the same calliber chill in the same Estate,and pitch an address there(we’ll talk about the Estate thing later). Think on this for a bit, and lets know the kind of Life Box you’ve got. Lemme know if you liked this article,and if you didnt, Oh well, give me some credit for wasting so much of your time in this end times.