Now this is for the ladies. Something that caught my attention. Check it out…and those of you in the fashion ibdustry,or aiming to break in….thus is your chance to soak up some inspiration.


today’s closetcast: INSPO Monday








Mondays are always a bit dull and tiring aren’t they? Thought I’d do a quick post of some fun Tommy Ton shots of Fashion Week thus far at this halfway mark. These women didn’t let the freezing Nor’easter Nemo dull their gorgeous looks. Love all the faux fur and funky prints! Anything goes right?

Can’t wait ’til they post more! Love this time of year!

I spent the weekend in San Diego to visit a dear friend and her new baby! It was so fun and too quick! I was definitely looking forward to some Southern California sunshine, but it wasn’t to be. It was cold and cloudy the entire time! Oh well, gave us good reason to hole up in the house and catch up!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! XO

shots via Tommy Ton

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