This Love Thing

This love thing,
What can one say about this love thing?
Its patient,
Its kind,
Its long-suffering,
its beautiful and all that!

“You cant really say its always a feeling”
Thats what they say…
For it goes up and down like a tossed shilling.
Its usually unstable,
Like chemical mixtures on a lab table.

They say feelings are just hormones.
How could they say that?
But then again,maybe they’re right.

They say love is not just about the looks
Because looks could be decieving
They say its not about charm
Because charm could be misleading

That means Its a lot more
Its the confidence in a voice
Its the sincerity of a kiss
Its the rythm of a heart
Its a solemn resolve to be committed
Its not sharing a bed…
Its sharing burdens,and laughter

Its the courage to go into the darkest parts of one’s being…and light a candle there
So as to clear out the clutter.
Its genuine,
Its a task that requires grace.


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