Be My Valentine Everyday

Now this here,is sweetness at its hilarious core. I know its not the season for Mushiness…or is it? There’s no season for love,man. Tho there is a season or calendar for love making(what?…dont even gimme that look,thats what they say). I totally love this piece and am gonna use it on my girlfriend…tonight 😉
Via text! Cus its the only way I can reach her for now. Boys take a cue. Enjoy.

Be My Valentine Everyday Dear_________(choose from list

please) “Candyfloss, Hot chocolate,

Cupcake, Sugarbun, pepperoni Pizza,

Banana chewing gum, Ostrich butter

bread, Danish butter cookies, Big

mac, strawberry milkshake, Okin

Biscuit. If not stated, please


It’s a beautiful morning

today, the sun shining brilliantly,

birds chirping melodiously, the

fragrance of spring and the smell of

freshly brewed coffee; Baby!! I woke

up thinking of you. thought to write to you.

Ever since that day you smiled at me,

i couldn’t get my heart of you. Got

your image tattooed on my mind. I

see you everywhere I go, in anything

I do and even in everybody, except

my Anatomy teacher (He’s very

wicked and mean)

My tomato juice, anytime I look into

your eyes, I never see the

fire”Tuface” sang about, but I only

see your beautiful eyeballs (white

sclera+ your brown iris+ your

pupils). Maybe I’m not looking well,

but I swear, the day I see fire, I’m

gonna extinguish it, because I don’t

ever wanna see you hurt.

You are such a wonderful

piece of art. God really took his time

creating you, and wants you to fall

into good hands (My hands) that’s

the exact reason why you were born

on ______ (fill in date of birth please)

and not in the 1800s. We met not as

a coincidence, Darling, we were

meant to be.

My potato purée, please be

forewarned; Plenty Ponmo boys

(defined as; shallow minded boys

that are not of benefit to you) will

come your way, flaunting money,

and promising you good things. Even

though I can’t take care of you now,

I promise to work hard, make

money, take you anywhere you

wanna go: from Outside the globe, to

the centre of the earth. I’m ready to

be your donkey (airplane as an

alternative). Anything you want I will

give you!! Mention it; flowers,

chocolate, clothes, shoes, love, care,

attention, e.t.c even Diamond ring

(you know it’s not compulsory, but if

you really really really want it)

But concerning the issue of a man

catching grenade for his babe… On a

serious note please don’t go

anywhere you will be involved with

firearms!!! I can manage to take a

bullet or two for you (On MY ARM

OR LEGS please not in vital places,

like the HEAD, HEART, SPLEEN e.t.c)


YOU. This is just logic, if I catch a

grenade for you, I will die, and you

will continue with your life, and

probably forget me. Don’t get it

twisted boo, even though I can’t

catch a grenade for you, I sure can

erect a barricade to keep you safe!

Having said all this, I’m sure I’ve

been able to convince you that I am

of a good mind, and I love you like a

fat kid loves cake (stolen from

50cents’s 21 questions). Today is the

3 day of March and I wanna ask

you to be my valentine. I’m not

confused sweetness, I just don’t want

you to be my Val only for one day; I

want you to be MY VALENTINE

EVERYDAY! So what do you say?

Expecting a reply….. XoXo


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