This is a perfect excuse for not posting something on my blog for the last few weeks. Enjoy. And Episode 4 of A Thousand Love Mishapps is brewing…really intoxicating stuff I tell U. With Love, Adedoyin.


downloadSo  was just casually lying down about to enter the dream world and this thought came to my head, am I a materialistic girl? I would like to believe I am not. I was just having a conversation with my cousin about a guy that likes me and she goes ” you should date him he is rich” obviously she is joking and she knows the type of person I am, but it posed a question in my mind that is being rich now so much of a factor for guys rather than it being a bonus.

As a girl myself, I know we have NEEDS!!!!!!!, trust me i know, but why depend so much on a guy, I’ll relate it to “dont go asking a guy what you know your own father cannot afford” which is a very fair point. Why kill a guy with your list of wants and needs that you…

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