The Cake Analogy

Just like my last Analogy, this one is particular about relationships and related stuff.
In the kitchen of life, you have lots of ingredients and they can be used to make the most wonderfully put together edibles or a complete disaster…just put a three year old in a kitchen with all the ingredients readily available, and you’ll probably get some form of explosive at the end of the day.
So, a relationship is like a cake, and the ingredients depend largely on you. So we got our Sugar, which is Love…Yup! L.O.V.E. We got the butter, which is the PERSONALITY , different butters affect cakes and the final product at the end of the day in different ways. So we have the flour, that’s the COMMITMENT…it holds all the stuff together. Y’all know that any relationship without commitment is a recipe for disaster on a proportion you don’t wanna be around. We got the Eggs, that’s the knowledge and wisdom you apply in your relationship. The relationship may survive without the eggs…but then it wont be RICH, the relationship falls apart without flour, especially when the situations of Life happen,which is the oven..ohh yeah…that’s some hot confinement ,that’s life y’all. A relationship certainly wont be a relationship without Love, just like cake will never be cake without Sugar(or whatever sweet substitutes ). Then of course, Love and our individual personality and Love makes up all the Mushy stuff…you get?…Mushy Stuff. Then we have the mixing, which stands for…well, mixing. You stop being just “you”, you become “we”…yeah, scary for some of us guys, right? Then the heat of the oven called life, tests you both till you’ve made a wonderful, joint, firm, sweet tasting and smelling CAKE, then the Icing comes in…the Hard Sweet Royal icing, the amazingly smooth and soft Butter icing, and whatever kinda icing you may like, that’s the SEX…ohhh yeahhhhh! mama mia!!! Okay, before this article becomes X rated…Hahaha. okay, like this process implies, sex is the last but extremely important part… raise your hand if you disagree with this last statement. So, sex is sweet, could very well bend your mind…lol. However, its the last part when all the other factors have been gotten down, you don’t want to put icing instead of flour, that’s why sex cant bring commitment, don’t be fooled! Sex cant see you through the hardship of life, when you’re with your better half,just like you cant put icing in the oven with the cake…bleeggghhhh! Man, you don’t want that. But if everything is followed accordingly,hmmmmn…you’re up for some awesome cake. YyyyUp! I’m sure a lot of y’all wont agree with this analogy, but hey, its as true as it gets. Happy caking (Is there actually any word link that?)….


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