A Thousand Love Mishapp (6)

“So this is what hell feels like…” I thought to myself as I packed my things from my desk and shoved them into my bag. “Kai!!!” I thought out loud.”Why did she have to do this where I could see her ?” It felt like my wife had cheated on me. I was still kind of furious about the whole ordeal,when my cousin (well,more like family-friend-turned-cousin) in SS3 called me from outside the class. I never mentioned her before? Yeah,cus she’s bossy,and sometimes mean. She was like the popular, cute, tough girl. Like the Iron Lady,name sounds really nice,now that I think of it. So,she called me out of class,and as any popular,cute girl would do,she had her relatively cute friends with her,about four or three of them,all cute,neat looking,with lip gloss smackin’ fresh. I walked out of the class, expecting her to interrogate me on why I hadnt taken the weekend from school to come to her place or deliver a message from her mom…the thing is she is a day student while I am a bording student, or border as they call us(yup,the school was mixed). So,I stepped out of class,my bag hanging by my hand over my shoulder,I was already emotionally tired, beaten up,dragged across a road,and dumped in water…so to say I wasnt in the mood to be lectured would be an understatement. “Hey Sharon,”I greeted her “Whats up?”.
“Its him…” one if her friends whispered,looking excited. I slowed my pace, as I came down the stairs,I noticed the cute SS3  girls were looking at me kind of funny, well, like I was a celeb or something…seriously!
My cousin walked up to me and gave me a hugg, which was not unusual,but she seemed a little excited than usual. “Ade” her voice seemed unusually sweet “You look handsome today” she said when she released me from the hug. “Thanks” I managed a smile.
She turned me to face her friends, and she intoduced us,I shook their hands warmly as she mentioned their names. One of them even happened to be my name sake. “Are you doing anything now?” Sharon asked me. I thought for a minute,it was too early to deal with Jemimah, I would be seeing her in the evening. “Not really” I answered.
“Then why dont you hang out with me and the girls for a while” my cousin invited.
“Alright, sure”
“Yipeee!” One of the girls yelped in excitement, she walked up to me and her arms were around me,she was hawwwt! You know I was small in stature, so I couldnt reach her shoulder and I didnt want to put my hand around her waiste…though I was more than tempted, but as a young man trying to survive,its adviseable to park well. “So you’re the cute singer” another said rubbing her soft fingers across my left cheek, Oh my,she smelt like lavander, (I actually dont know what lavander smells like,but I know she was smelling nice, and it wasnt rose,or almond or whatever was common). I gave my mugun smile. “Well,its the entire band that sang ,not just me” I said with a shy smile on my face, trying to form humble guy.
“But you sang the solo nau?” My cousin inserted.
“Yeah sure,I did” and they all swooned and made me promise I would sing them a song in the future. I was feeling really fantastic about myself, but I didn’t allow myself enjoy it, mainly because my heart was cracked by what I had seen earlier that day (what?! I can be very emotional). Hanging out with Sharon and her crew was fun, at least it took my mind off the whole Jemimah issue for a couple of hours. When Sharon and her friends finally released me,I went up to my room…sat in a chair and imagined what Jemimah might be doing at the moment. As I was trying to pour myself a somewhat miserable bowl of cereal,I was too tired to try and find something to eat,besides the junk Sharon and friends stuffed me with,which I was very grateful for,don’t get me wrong…as I poured the cereal,a junior student walker into my room. “Senior Jemimah is looking for you downstairs” flash back to when that other girl messed up…what’s her name again sef ? Anyways, I dropped my bowl of cereal and dragged myself downstairs. “Hey baby,” she cooed as she gave me a hug…(ahhhhhh…felt so good…oh yes, I was upset,almost forgot that part). “Hi” I answered, obviously dull.
“Whats the matter sweet heart?”
I was a little dumb fouded by the answer, not that I wasnt expecting the question,I just hadnt gotten myself to prepare for an answer, it sounds like a student knows a test in on monday but still refuses to even look at his notebook. I totally wasn’t prepared…I had to lie. “Im fine, just a bit moody today”
“Awww…” she exclaimed and gave me a hug.”Come here baby. How can I make you feel better?”
“You’re doing just fine already” I said, feeling sweet and sour at the same time.
She bought me a bar of Snickers and we took a short walk to a secluded spot. As we sat, there was this awkward silence that we have never had before…I broke it. “So, is there any guy you like in particular ,apart from your class mates and those boys disturbing you?”
“Well” she started “Not really, I have close friends but …”
“So you have everything you want” I cut in, hoping she would get the hidden implication of that statement. “Yeah…” she said smiling at me. “But there is this one guy…” the tone in which she made that statement sank my heart all the way to my small intestine.”…I think he gets me”
“But I get you!” I said with some emphasis. She smile and touched my hair. “Yes you do sweetheart, you’re my son, you should get me” and she continued talking about him…I was getting really uncomfortable sitting there with her. So I was nothing more than a school son. Just business as usual. I slapped myself in my mind “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” I thought to myself. As I watched Jemimah talk about some other guy, with so much light on her eyes ,my fake smile plastered to my face,it dawned on me that I was the Joker here. “My stomach hurts” I lied. I got up and walked away. She seemed stunned,surprised. She knew something was wrong but she never asked and I never mentioned. Thats how I and Jemimah ended unofficially, because we were still ‘School Son and Mother’ but we hardly talked, I was with my cousin most of the time and when I wasnt I was with another group of girls(thats a gist for later), and when ever we got to talk it was usually brief. I always saw the puzzle in her eyes, she always saw the hurt in mine, but we never discussed it, she never asked, maybe she found out. Oh well, that was how the Jemimah phase ended. However,I was sure my romance life hadnt ended. …Oh, it hadnt.