A Thousand Love Mishaps (8)

So, I and Mirabel went for a walk outside. It was a bit cold. She was wearing a pretty blue suede jacket, and all I had on was a T-shirt, I wasn’t wearing any singlet, I don’t usually wear singlets, so the cold had free access(U go fear suffering). A cold, biting gust of wind blew past us. I shivered and hugged myself without thinking. “Are you cold?” Mirabel asked in the midst of her chattering(which I wasn’t even listening to, its either I got warm or I got kissed! I didn’t know what came over me, probably the hormones-What?! Teenagers have raging hormones, we don’t think straight at times). So she asked if I was cold. “Yeah, just a little. I’ll be fine” I said reassuringly.
“Are you serious?” She was surprised”Its not that cold.” she said smiling, a mocking kind of smile.
“I know, don’t mind me jarey” I managed to say with my chattering teeth. I don die today, I thought to myself. I was already thinking of an escape route.
“Here” she called my attention, handing me her jacket, underneath it she was wearing nothing but her bra-hold it, hold it, hold it…just kidding…she had a nice creamy top on. It was like silk or something like that.
“Naahh” I declined “I’ll be fine.”
“Take it jor!” her voice had the command tone now.
I laughed “Mirabel, I’m good. Thanks.” She moved closer to me and put the jacket over my obviously shaking shoulders, and slowly began to rub my back, while she hugged me. I was startled at first, but with every wave of her warm hands running soothingly over my back, my muscles relaxed. “Better now?” She asked.
Ah! See this geh! I thought to myself, “Better” is an understatement. “Definitely” I said with the most satisfied look on my face.

I let go of my inhibitions just a little. I slowly let my hands trace around her waist. Trying hard not to get too carried away, I was her junior. But it felt oh so good!
“Hope you’re not taking advantage of a lady” Mirabel said. I could feel her smile.
“I wouldn’t think of it” I replied letting my hand fall slowly. But as they fell , I felt one of her hands leave my back and raise my falling hand back to where it was before, then she continued rubbing my back. Oh glory!! I smiled.
Since I was given permission, then I could well be on my way to getting that kiss. I tightened my grip just a little, held her a little closer, balancing one hand on the small of her back and another just above her backside. “Hmmmn” she chuckled softly “You do know how to hold”. I laughed. “I wonder how many girls have been in this embrace? I thought only huge and tall guys would be able to hug a girl and have this effect .” she said jokingly. I believe she was joking.
“Well, if my counting is accurate” I said feigning seriousness “Just one.” I answered.
“Just one? And who might the lucky girl be?” She asked facing me now, smiling.
“Well,” I started “you might know her. She’s quite popular, you see”
“Ohh really”
“Yeah, boys are always drooling over her. I mean, she’s hot.”
“Now, I’m jealous” Mirabel said, feigning seriousness.
“Its not her fault, you know. She’s sweet like that. I call her my angel.”
“But people know her as Mirabel.” I stated with a smile. It clicked that I was talking about her… “Awww” she cooed and hugged me tighter”You’re the sweetest thing! Did you just make that up?” She was laughing now.
“Was it that bad?” I said laughing too.
“No, its so good. So good that I can tell you this is the highlight of my night” she said in a tone so soft that even I had to swallow a lump in my throat.
“Wish I could get the highlight of my month right now” I said.
“What might that be, darling” (she called me darling! Ahhh! Correct! Tinz don dey click!)
“A kiss to turn this frog into a prince” I said, smiling.
“Awwww…come here” and gbam! She gave me a kiss…soft and sweet, and beautiful… The only thing is that it was on my cheek. We both laughed.
“I still feel like a frog” I said, feigning disappointment,( actually, I was disappointed, no be say I dey feign anything! ) “Maybe we should try a real kiss” I suggested, closing my eyes and pouting my lips lightly.
“Ewww” Was what I heard O.”Stop that jor!” She said laughing. I opened my eyes and laughed(Na fake laugh O, the thing pain me!) “How can I be kissing my school son nau?”.
School son again!? I thought to myself. My face fell. What was I thinking, that a high profile babe, a senior in SS2 would be kissing a JS2 junior like me. Three years apart! Haba Ade! Ojukokoro(greed in Yoruba language) is bad mehn. I thought to myself. So Mirabel walked me to my hostel front, even though I insisted on walking her back to her hostel, but she just wouldn’t have it, she was just too …in control! The girl was spoiling my gentleman swagger! I hugged her one final time (consolation), and we said our good nights. I watched her beautiful body sway away into the night (the body was beautiful, to be honest). Though I noticed she was going back to her hostel through the Junior Secondary class area, which was longer than the usual route. Maybe she wanted to just clear her mind and relax, or stroll, the stars were really nice that night, I had thought. I went to bed semi-happy, I mean, I wanted that kiss so bad(What!? Can’t a brother dream? Even Martin Luther had a dream!)

The next day was a Friday, class was not so boring, I met a new chick from the other arm of Js2, she was really cute, my type. For a guy who isn’t the tallest guy around, I never really fancied long legged girls, with too much Lip Gloss and High Heels, nah! I could be friends with them though, if they would sponsor my lunch(don’t ask me how that went, its a long twisted embarrassing story). Back to my type of girls, I was into cute, flat shoe wearing, moderate lip glossing, not so tall and book reading babes. Yeah, I like em smart, I like em pretty *in the voice of Moto-Moto from Madagascar* not big and chunky, cus I might get killed. So, this cute babe, I saw her reading a comic book, and like a fly to a florescent light , I was drawn to her…and the comic book. By the time we had chit chatted for a few minutes, I was holding a comic book in my hand in 5 minutes, and I would be getting new supplies. I could hang out with her a few times, I had thought to myself. I wasn’t really into my own mates, I had too many Sugar School mummies on my hands (hehehehe 😀 ).
By the time I got to the front of the hostel I saw one of my school mothers and her friends who also happened to by my school mother-(pause for a bit, some of this girls were just really close to me, and in other for it not be awkward I just tagged them School Mothers, makes it easier for everybody. And some actually tell me to be their School Son, I never, Never say No.)-right by the side of the hostel entrance. One of them had seen me the previous day. On the dance floor. Dancing…With Mirabel. “Uh-ho” I said to myself as I walked towards my hostel. I was going to pretend I didn’t see them, but I decided against it. That would open a Pandora’s box of feminine wahala. Naaah, I didn’t need that. As I approached they acted like they didn’t notice me approach (kai! Women). “Hey ladies” I said with all the cuteness I could muster and hugged both of them. “I saw you yesterday O” was the first thing I was greeted with. “Is it true, Ade?” the other one asked. I opened my mouth but words didn’t come out, not that there was nothing to say, I had too much to say, and too much leads to trouble, so I just closed my jaw back. To cut the long story short, I ended up apologizing “I’m so sorry. You know I meant to come back and meet you but …” Blah!Blah!Blah! “…so how do I make it up to you guys” I said feigning remorse. “Well…” One started, tapping her cheek, it might have been the hormones or something, but before I could stop myself, I had launched at her and kissed her… On the cheek of course. What that resulted into was a very smitten school mother, she shrieked with delight and hugged me. “You’re the cutest thing ever! You’re forgiven” She said. Nicely done, Jimbo! I patted myself on the back internally. Though I wasn’t too comfortable drawing the kind of attention I got from the over 200 students in that area, at that time, mainly because I was sure that at least one guy that was ‘psyching’ my school mother would be around, and what I did was the perfect way to brew strong enemies. I was about to jet off, when the other one called me back “Hey you!” I turned back “What about me?” She asked. “Ohhhh” I cooed apologetically as I walked over to her, put my arms round her in a hug,( that my famous hug *wink*) and gave her a peck to follow. She smiled and I knew I was forgiven. As I ran to my room, I could feel the eyes of the entire world on me, some in distant admiration (or so I hoped), some in envy (especially the guys) some just watched, as the cute Js2 kid who was getting known with girls that are not his mate. On entering the hostel, I was greeted by a group of my room mates, or is it section mates now, “Bad guy!” Most of them said, a few said “Ashewo! let the senior boys catch you”. I just smiled and went to my bed to reminisce on the happenings that just took place.
I crashed into the bed, took a deep breath, the air was clean, the cleaners had cleaned the hostel earlier in the day, the window was opened and the breeze was blowing in. I must have dozed off with a smile on my face.

I don’t know how long I was out for, or if I was dreaming a sweet dream, but I was so sure I was going to slap the Js 1 boy that woke me up. “There is a girl asking after you downstairs” he said and walked out briskly. He must have seen the irritation in my face. I rinsed my face and mouth, brushed my hair and put on some perfume. One of the nicest perfumes I had ever used, my cousin bought it for me.(I know, I know, I’m thoroughly loved). I stopped on my tracks as I saw Mirabel, standing at the bottom of the stairs. I looked around and saw that my two school mothers were no longer there, they must have gone home, they were day students. Then the hostel front was now completely empty, besides the very few people passing by the hostel. It was siesta hour. I must have missed lunch. Damn! I really wanted those two pieces of meat and rice and beans. Oh well, I heaved a sigh of disappointment and relief as I stepped down the stairs. Mirabel stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for me, smiling. The stair case was the winding type and a little high, so it took a few seconds to get down. I got to bottom and greeted her “Hey Mirabe-” she cut me short, her lips swallowed my words, and took my lips into hers. I kissed back, with no practice, no rehearsals O. Her hands held my face as she slowed down, she allowed my catch my breath, our lips still attached, then she kissed deeper, I held her close, wrapping my hands completely around her waist. She moaned softly, slowed down, then stopped. My eyes were still closed. “Open your eyes silly!” she said giggling. I opened my eyes “I owe you that much. I had to turn this frog into a prince” she said with a smile and walked away. I stood there, rooted into the ground for quite a while. I actually wanted to see if maybe the dream was over. I stood for a while, the dream wasn’t over, because it was not a dream. I touched my freshly dis-virgined lips and smiled. Can somebody please bring out the drums and cymbals! *Dancing Azonto*


Image gotten from Google.(My own kiss was not in class, E for bad ghan!)


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