Love Bite, Slap and Cut.

I wanted to give you guys a welcome back kind of write-up. I know, I know its been forever that I posted… Forgive me (or kill yourself…Hahaha! ) okay it’s a bit creepy and Unlike me…and I intend to start putting A Thousand Love Mishaps back on.
Love Bite

I couldn’t move. It was dark. It smelt… Smelt like … a stale room. The air was thick, it was moist. I had to struggle to breath. No, I am not asthmatic! I was gasping! Barely breathing but I could still breathe. As I took my first deep breath, and the air left my nostrils, a racking throb sparked from inside my head. I reached for my head, my hand stopped mid way, held still by something. I tried again. It was still held in place. I struggled and fought, then I realised my hands and legs were tied , fastened to a bed. It had to be, it wasn’t a hard surface, I was in a lying position and my limbs were spread away from my body and fastened by ropes.
I couldn’t remember how I got there. How?… I couldn’t … Tears began to flow from my eyes as I fought madly to break free from the ropes used to fasten me to the bed. I let out a cry. Short. Desperate. Hopeless. Then the sobs escaped me and I was crying out audibly. “ I see you are finally awake”. The voice startled me. My eyes, I couldn’t see. I could hear footsteps approaching, slowly but confidently. The consistency indicated someone who was at ease, comfortable.
“You see, I got tired of watching you sleep, as beautiful as it is” the voice seemed familiar, it had to be… “So I went out for a drink. Hope you don’ t mind, my lover.” The way he said the word “Lover” reminded me, like a dam of memories unleashed. Yes, Steven. It was Steven! I called his name “Steve!” I said in almost a whisper “What’s going on?”
“Steven?” the voice said, laced with mockery and amusement “Ohhh. Steven. That’s what I called myself. True.” There was a pause, then a sudden explosion of laughter came from him. “You fool!” he bellowed. “ My name isn’t Steven! My name is… is…” He laughs, as if to mock himself for forgetting his own name. “ well, Steven. Johnson. Marcus. Yemi. Hakeem. Chinedu. Lawal. Sizwe. What have I not called myself” he laughs out loud again “ doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re here and I will show you everlasting love. Love for a life time. The last love.” He moves close to my left ear “The love of the last breath” he whispers. A shiver so intense runs down my spine. I had to do something. What could I do but beg. I started to cry profusely. “Please, I beg you in the name of God. I beg you. I beg you. Please” I kept pleading but there was no response from him. Then after what seemed like thirty minutes, I kept quiet,. He was gone. Or was he? I shivered to think he was watching me cry without saying a word. I started to sob quietly.
Wham!!! His entire weight is upon me. He was laying on me and feeling on my body. Sniffing my neck like a wild demonic beast. “Ohhh… that perfume. You smell so special!” He exclaimed. I struggled, screamed, begged. But I was too tightly fastened to the bed. “Yes! Yes! Struggle. It turns me on!” Then I felt a sharp pain on my neck. He bit me! Then he bit me again as he kissed me all over. I was crying like a child now. Helpless. After biting me and kissing me so hard that I could tell that I was bleeding on my ear lobe and my neck, he settled on top of me and ran his hands across my breast and stomach, up and down, slowly but terribly. I felt his breath on my ear, he whispered “Tell me I’m the best lover…” I was quiet “ Please tell me I’m the best lover you’ve ever had” I was still quite. He sounded like he was going to cry “Tell me… Tell me… Say it… Say it” he whispered. He sounded like he was sobbing. “TELL ME!!!” he screamed into my ears startling me. “NO!!!” I screamed back. More out of sheer terror and anger than courage. He sounded stunned “What?!” He hissed. He grabbed my jaw as if he was aimed for my neck but couldn’t get to it. “Say it!” He commanded. “Nooooooo!!!” I shouted. A sharp pain shot across my face as he slapped me hard. “You bitch!” He slapped me again. And again. And again “You better do as I say. If not your inevitable death will be more painful than it needs to be!” I was still struggling when a blow hit me left eye. Weak. Tired . But not ready to die, I cried some more.
“Good girl.” He said as he began to slip my clothes off my body. “You see when I sent you a friend request and you accepted immediately. Sending me nude pictures within a few days. I was intrigued. I mean, I do this for a living, it wasn’t a big deal for me to send you my nude pictures since I have a great body to show for it. And like the other whores, you fell for it and reciprocated. The overpowering need to reciprocate favours.” He chuckles “ Its so simple.” He continues “ but the likes of you, my dear… you take cheap to whole different level” . My chest is bear now, it is hot and tepid but I shiver profusely as I can feel myself being stripped by this mad man. He started to play with me, moaning to himself amidst his speech “You are so… delicious.”
Shivering, exhausted, and shedding tears uncontrollably. I knew I was going to die, but not without a fight. I didn’t think, I just wanted to act. He gets off me.”Now for the grand finale” he says as he picks something from a table “let me take you to heaven” he gets back on top of me. He was naked this time around. “You are the best lover” I said. He paused. I was getting to him.”You are the best lover I have ever known” He sighs, his excitement obvious in the ragged breathes he was taking. “Your touch drives me insane. Your bite and kiss turn me the f*ck on!” I cooed with defiance he was amused as he got on top of me, he wanted to enter me. “I have one request” I said, using my most persuasive and sexually charged voice, or so I thought, but it worked. “Yes my love” he says and kisses my lips deeply and harshly like he wanted to tear my mouth inward. “ I want to look into your eyes as we make sweet love”. He was silent. “Please… My love” He was silent. I felt him relax. Hesitate. The darkness lifted from my eyes. It was a dark room, but within a few seconds, I saw his face. I saw him, sweating, eyes wide with excitement and something I couldn’t explain, something evil. I managed a smile, mustering everything I called strength to keep my eyes locked on his. As he put himself in me and closed his eyes to take in the ecstasy of what he thought was love making… I moaned , though disgusted and in pain. “Yes!” he exclaimed as he moved back and forth on top of me. I moaned louder, looking around trying to find a possible exit through the darkness. I spotted what looked like a door. A door! I needed something. The knife. I looked around. Close to my hand was the knife that he was holding before the love making began. I moaned louder as i tried to reach the knife. I catch it in between my fingers. I twisted my wrist as i turned the knife towards the rope. The knife was very sharp, obviously, and the rope was old. I was freed on one hand. I didn’t think. I buried the knife in his back! He screams, gets up from me. Stunned. He tries to reach the knife to no avail. He struggles. He is on the ground. Gasping. Writhing . I run towards the door. Turn the knob. Its locked! …No! As I turn around to find the keys, I crash into him. He is smiling now, blood on his teeth, and dripping down the sides on his mouth. I feel a throb, I look down to see the handle of a knife protruding out of my abdomen. I look up and he whispers to me “Best Lover… See you in heaven” He falls to his knees, leaning against me. My visions blurs. I see the room spin as my face hits the ground…
The End.