A Thousand Love Mishaps (9)

Now let me make this clear once and for all…. I am not a bad person. Nope, I am not. I’m just a young kid trying to live. Can I Live? Please. Please my Niggas and Niggresses. Can a brother live?! I didn’t have a point I just always wanted to ask that question to anyone that had time to waste (Hehehehehe). So Mirabel kissed me. I was no longer a lip virgin. Ah! People. You should have seen me walk around the next day… I was like king Kong. I felt like the king of China. I felt like the president of the jungle. Or is the other way round… anyways shaaaaa! I was the Baus!…And I was loving my life. Brought out my last tin of Corned beef and gave it to the boys at the dining table.
“Wetin dey worry dis one” one of my hating class mates asked,- I can’t remember his name- but I didn’t care to share…what kind of man kisses and tells. Well, to be completely honest, I told my bunk mate, then he told his friend, then that one told his girlfriend (Oponu…Ashewo) Then that one told… It doesn’t matter who the hell she told, once a girl know, the whole solar systems knows already. But don’t you worry my dear readers, I didn’t get into too much trouble, Mirabel never found out, or maybe she did and didn’t care.
Forget say Mirabel na the school “whatever they want to call her”. Me and her were down, she makes me sing love songs. WhoooOoooOooooOoo! *that was an ad-lib in case you were wondering. Sooo after school hours, Mirabel asked me to accompany her to the administrative block, a five storey building. She said she forgot her bag there and didn’t want to go back alone.
“What is your bag doing in admin block?” I asked.
“I went there to read during break and left my bag” she answered.
There was an awkward silence after that… We climbed the first flight of stairs. the second, the third, the fourth… we were on the third floor by then.
She paused, walked into one of the old labs and stopped at the window…staring out at Something. then it clicked…I must have done a good job of the last time we kissed she wanted a “take home to Mama”experience. I had to be smooth. I walked over to her and slowly put my hand around her waist. She sounds around sharply.
“Do you think I’m a whore?” She blurted out from nowhere, my brain froze for a few seconds. My hands fell off her waist (Apa ti jabo O Jesu!)
“I- I- I don’t understand…”
“Just answer the question Ade ” She had a serious look on her face.
“I don’t think so… I know people say things but I don’t care”
Her expression softened.
“I Like you for who you are…Kind, friendly, Smart, Sw-”
You guess it. We were kissing. She held me close, her arms around my neck,she grabbed my hand and placed it on her boob.
“Oh shit” I thought to myself “I’m about to loose my virginity in a science lab”
I didn’t really care… No I did care, my brain cared, my body on the other hand, that’s a totally different story.
Badoo… I pushed her softly against the wall, and pressed against her… she moaned. I ran my hand up her thigh as I slowed down the kissing, deepening it at th same time.
I couldn’t control my words…”Gawwd I Love you”. She stopped. She looked me in the eyes, disappointment oozing from her eyes.
She turned from me and started to walk away.
“Hey! Hey!…Mirable.” I called to her “I’m not lying, I mean it!” She paused. Looked at me with teary eyes and said “Don’t ever say those words to me or any girl…. it’s a lie!” Before I could say another word, she was out of the room. I walked behind her as she stumped away mumbling stuff I couldn’t hear to herself.
I tried a second time to talk to her. To get an …Anything.
“Mirabel… Can we-”
“Do you actually think I could love you. Small boy like you”
I felt like I had been slapped… six…teen… thousand times… with a metal glove…by hulk… on steroid.
I stopped on my tracks.
“Better stay away from me… Love… Odeh!” she hissed and walked away.
Crazy person!
The next time I saw her, it was with I.K., he brought his parents’ car and she was in there with him. I just decided to free her… I kuku wanted to study.
Crazy Person…. Mtcheww. This time around I was moving on easily.


This Is To Moving On

Found this piece through a friend and thought to share it…
This is to moving on
(would like to point out that this
piece and ”goodbye finally” are
not from a real break up,
relationship wise, but, i was
inspired. A series of events led
to my writing these. I also had
other things and people in my
life i needed to say goodbye to
and was hoping others felt the
same way.)I got caught up in
the idea of us, that i lost me.
I gave into the comfort you
the familiarity you represent(ed)
that i dreaded change.
You embodied all that i had come
to know, and my memory’s full of
So you became like an old
couch,wrinkled, threadbare and
yet i kept you around.
you became a permanent fixture i
wasn’t ready to be rid of.
i treated you with care so you
wouldn’t be ruined.
I gave you attention and time,
I nurtured, and i pampered to
show you i cared.
But you see,
I was losing myself, loosing my
I couldn’t remember a time we
weren’t together.
A time when i was just me and
content in knowing that.
A time where i took chances and
opened myself up to new things.
Where i gave others a chance.
I’ve shed too many tears to last me
a life time,
Suffered heart ache and now
”my hearts crippled by the vein i
keep on closing”….
I’ve bled enough for you.
I know i said i’d
cry a thousand rivers,
will love you always
But you know what? I’m drowning
and my hearts becoming too numb.
Love’s meant to heal, but all i feel
is bruised and wounded.
It’s meant to be a work of art,
and I almost believed I had become
a connoisseur, given the best to
but all i see now is a bleeding
It’s not a
picture of a thousand sunsets
and our
bed of roses
is past wilting, its made up of
I thought we made good music but
all i hear is a broken record.
I’ve finally come out of my stupor,
and realized
we were always meant to say
Everyone thought we were perfect,
but honey, perfects not enough to
make us survive.
i guess this is me not trying to hurt
you, but doing so all the same.
it pains me to see you this way and
knowing i caused it.
But better now than later. Now we
get out with scars only.
Hush!!!, don’t say a word,
don’t try to change my mind, you
deserve better…
and i definitely deserve the best.
So, am already
this is me moving on.
By Sunesis.

Culled from Sunesiss.wordpress.com