Rantings of a Short Blaq Boi: Women In Our World Today.

Women In our world today
Most women, nowadays, want something they cant find….something that isn’t wired into the nature of most men,if not all men. They want something the society doesn’t have, cant have, isn’t wired to have. Like I picked from a movie “Its the ugly truth”.
What am I talking about? I’m talking about women who want to be treated like ladies, they want someone who will care for them, who will protect them, who will open the door for them, pay some of the bills, men who will do their manly duties, which is not bad at all, see where the problem comes in when women want to be treated equally as men, no I’m not saying women should be treated any less than men, I’m saying women want to treat men the way men treat men. Especially in a relationship, be it friendship, romantic or marital stage. Thats just plain childish and twisted if you ask me (Thanks to Hollywood….or maybe its just the western society)Even the Bible makes it clear, the man, more than anything, NEEDS submission, and respect. Love him, but you must be willing to submit and respect, he must know you are submissive and that he is respected even more than he knows he is loved, trust me, its the truth. A woman needs tender loving care, yes the big T.L.C., the man should be tender, the man should be considerate. The man should not do to his woman or female friend, what he wouldnt’ want to happen to his own body, am I right? The man’s duty is to care for, to protect, to nurture, and provide for his own body, which is what the woman also needs. The woman, like I said earlier must R.E.S.P.E.C.T the man, and honour him, and Submit to him in Love. The equation will be most satisfactory if the man is as Loving and considerate to the woman as he would be to his very own self. Don’t make her cook when you obviously see she is tired, tho its her duty as a wife(women, wether U like it or not, its the universal truth, even in the animal kingdom, take your face off Holly Wood and suck it up!) I would like to see a family where the woman comes in and asks the man “Where is my food honey?” Or honey “Whats for dinner?” If you think its african mentality, then you better think again…lets not drift too far. Dont make love to her like she is some piece of meat. Man, dont be a selfish pig! Even dogs and goats put in a little effort., satisfy your woman, even though its her duty to submit to you, even in sex. Being nice and sensitive sometimes doesnt mean you are not in control. In simple conversation, you can be playfull and still be respectful, you dont have to hurt his ego(all men have it, deal with it. You have your periods too,so its kinda equal. If men had a compiled ego issue that just burst out a few days every month, you would get what I mean). Being playful and respectful is something all woman can do, its called simple charm…you can learn it. Women and men are equal, but NOT the same. We both have duties, we both have parts to fulfill, we both have our faults, we both have to support each other, we both need love,we both have our strengths and weaknesses, but these things are not necessarily in the same way. Get it straight ladies and Gentlemen. We are Equal but not the same. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, very true,but that doesnt make the gander a goose, people, get it straight! Haha! Kai…mean I’m almost losing my appetite. wait… Am I ranting again? Yes? Good. Deal with it!

Don’t they just look so perfect?… *Yinmu*


9 Signs That Your Relationship Is In Danger.

9 Signs That Your Relationship Is In Danger.(Culled from Spark Notes.com) Now this stuff is hilarious! U gotta love the sense of humor…however, as you laugh out loud and Roll on the floor(or bed,or road,or sand…one can never tell) try to get the real points because they are actually quite accurate. Enjoy 🙂 1. Awkward Around Friends: Your girlfriend always avoids explaining your relationship to her friends. “This is my boyfriend and I love him sooo much!” you expect her to say. “Here’s this dude,” she says instead. “PTTHTBH,” she adds, sticking out her tongue and giving you a thumbs-down. Undeterred, you attempt to put your arm around her, but she chases you away with a garden hose like a common raccoon. 2. Stalky Behavior: Your boyfriend constantly keeps tabs on your interactions with Mother guys. He’s always asking what you’re doing right now, often as he bursts out of a storm drain while


you’re walking down the street. You have not received mail in weeks because he chases off your mailman with a rake every morning. There is a bush in your backyard that is always suspiciously sneezing. 3. Inappropriate Jealousy: Your boyfriend gets all weird and possessive over the tiniest things. If a guy waves at you in the hallway, your boyfriend angrily demands that you not go into hallways anymore. If a dog licks your hand while you’re at the park, he resolves to hunt down the dog’s girlfriend and make out with it. 4. Lies/Avoidance: You girlfriend never seems to be able to make time for you anymore. “I can’t have coffee with you today because my hamster has a fever!” she informs you, crying, but also playing a game on her phone at the same time. Later you walk past Starbucks and there she is, laughing and having coffee with her hamster. 5. Suspicious Texts: You check your boyfriend’s phone one day, and you discover with shock that all his recently received texts are like “i cant wait to see you again ;)” and “you have such a beautiful mouth.” You confront him, and he reassures you that all of these texts are from his dentist. 6. Never Telling Family About You: You’ve been dating your girlfriend for a long time, but you’ve never been to her house, so one day you show up unexpectedly to deliver her a romantic bouquet of roses. Her dad pokes his head out the window. “IT’S ONE OF THEM TEEN- AGERS! AND HE’S GOT FLOWERS ! GET MY SHOTGUN, MILDRED!” he bellows. 7. Finding Distractions Too Easily: Sitting together with your girlfriend on a beautiful day, you feel like the moment is perfect, and you lean in to kiss her. “Oh but wait!” she exclaims, wrenching her entire body away from your stupid mouth. “There is a cute bird outside!” You look outside, and the bird isn’t even all that cute. 8. Failing To Notice Significant Changes: You dye your hair from blonde to jet black and then meet up with your boyfriend. “What do you think??” you ask, flipping your hair around. “I think that fiat currency is the leash that keeps us bound to our Lizard People overlords! Ron Paul 2016,” he says, staring right at you with his big dumb oblivious face. 9. Sudden Changes In Behavior: Your girlfriend always enjoyed playing your homemade D&D modules— Attack Of The Horrible Football-Playing Orcs, Revenge Of The Stupid Mean Orcs of Jock Mountain— but then one day, you notice her making out with like five different football players. You bring it up to her later, and she assures you she was only making sure that everybody else is a worse kisser than you. You are completely satisfied by this.