Rantings of a Short Blaq Boi: Women In Our World Today.

Women In our world today
Most women, nowadays, want something they cant find….something that isn’t wired into the nature of most men,if not all men. They want something the society doesn’t have, cant have, isn’t wired to have. Like I picked from a movie “Its the ugly truth”.
What am I talking about? I’m talking about women who want to be treated like ladies, they want someone who will care for them, who will protect them, who will open the door for them, pay some of the bills, men who will do their manly duties, which is not bad at all, see where the problem comes in when women want to be treated equally as men, no I’m not saying women should be treated any less than men, I’m saying women want to treat men the way men treat men. Especially in a relationship, be it friendship, romantic or marital stage. Thats just plain childish and twisted if you ask me (Thanks to Hollywood….or maybe its just the western society)Even the Bible makes it clear, the man, more than anything, NEEDS submission, and respect. Love him, but you must be willing to submit and respect, he must know you are submissive and that he is respected even more than he knows he is loved, trust me, its the truth. A woman needs tender loving care, yes the big T.L.C., the man should be tender, the man should be considerate. The man should not do to his woman or female friend, what he wouldnt’ want to happen to his own body, am I right? The man’s duty is to care for, to protect, to nurture, and provide for his own body, which is what the woman also needs. The woman, like I said earlier must R.E.S.P.E.C.T the man, and honour him, and Submit to him in Love. The equation will be most satisfactory if the man is as Loving and considerate to the woman as he would be to his very own self. Don’t make her cook when you obviously see she is tired, tho its her duty as a wife(women, wether U like it or not, its the universal truth, even in the animal kingdom, take your face off Holly Wood and suck it up!) I would like to see a family where the woman comes in and asks the man “Where is my food honey?” Or honey “Whats for dinner?” If you think its african mentality, then you better think again…lets not drift too far. Dont make love to her like she is some piece of meat. Man, dont be a selfish pig! Even dogs and goats put in a little effort., satisfy your woman, even though its her duty to submit to you, even in sex. Being nice and sensitive sometimes doesnt mean you are not in control. In simple conversation, you can be playfull and still be respectful, you dont have to hurt his ego(all men have it, deal with it. You have your periods too,so its kinda equal. If men had a compiled ego issue that just burst out a few days every month, you would get what I mean). Being playful and respectful is something all woman can do, its called simple charm…you can learn it. Women and men are equal, but NOT the same. We both have duties, we both have parts to fulfill, we both have our faults, we both have to support each other, we both need love,we both have our strengths and weaknesses, but these things are not necessarily in the same way. Get it straight ladies and Gentlemen. We are Equal but not the same. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, very true,but that doesnt make the gander a goose, people, get it straight! Haha! Kai…mean I’m almost losing my appetite. wait… Am I ranting again? Yes? Good. Deal with it!

Don’t they just look so perfect?… *Yinmu*


The Rantings Of A Short Black Boy …Short Blaq Boi

*Picks up Magazine*…*Sips Garri…Suddenly drops spoon* *Angrily drops magazine*
What the Hell! Whaaaaat the hell is it! All this magazines sef, what is the problem!?Always talking all manner of Nonsense. Im sure you’re wondering what I am ranting about. Well, let me tell you, its just rediculous that the media has put it upon itself to make life miserable for men. Yes, men! And Im talking about this “six-feet- tall” burden that has been put on our backs as guys. Yes, it started from fashion, the person must be 6 feet tall, all built up, all rubbed up in oil…Does he have to be six feet tall?! Then of course we have the movies, must the guy AAAALWAYS have to be taller,I mean, who would die if the girl was taller for once. Just once! And the heroe has to be taller than the damsel, yack! So unrealistic. Now every small girl is shouting “he has to be tall dark and handsome”…how are you sure all the
“tall dark and handsome” fellas out there are not serial killers, psychopaths or even ….Gay…yeah, it stings that alot are. So what is my point? My point is this, dwarfs should be utilized more often, they are usually pretty hot if U ask me, well built too. And you would give alot of guys a chance in the dating world. Come on, just for one year, use not-so-tall guys for adverts,romatic roles and fashion spreads. I mean look at Bowwow, MI,Flavour Flave,Martin Lawrence…heck even my causin Spookie, Aki and Pawpaw and so on(No disrespect meant,especially to my cousin spookie).
Everybody thinks making fun of people’s heights automatically becomes funny. Well, we could turn the table and say all tall people have brain defficiency,cus air doesnt climb all the way to the head at the required rate.That wouldnt be so funny, would it?…maybe it would, any time a tall person goofs out of does something silly, it should be related to air not getting to his brain, that would hurt!…Oh yes it would ,wouldn’t it?! Muhahahaha! So back on course…it doesnt make any sense!!! Aaghhhhh!!!Get a grip all you girls out there,and make the world a better place,JEEEZ! You know what I’ll do? No you dont, because I haven’t told you. Anyway,Im going to tell you. I am going to start my own beauty pagent and Modeling agency for Brief and Cute men. Yeah thats what am gonna do, and am gonna push it down everybody’s throat, thanks to media! You’ll see Mr.Cute and Brief everywhere you turn, on TV, on the radio, on your blogs in Magazines, on the internet, facebook, In church, in the mosque,in the cathedral, in the museum, in the queens palace(whichever queen you want to mention) and there is nothing, I mean NOTHING anybody will be able to do about it….MUHAHAHAHAHA! (This villain laugh thing really works, it has a kind of soothing effect). *picks up spoon from floor…licks it and drops it in cup…Picks up magazine again* …What the Hell!!!!! What is it with these people???!!!. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!
For realz now…I think everyone is beautiful, and that whatever shape size or colour you are,it doesnt really matter, someone loves you, someone lurking in the background…hoping to get a chance to let you know they like you. The respect you are accorded in life depends directly on the respect you give yourself, and project onto others. Love yourself, Love YOU,cus no one is exactly like you. And God made you this way for a reason, and trust me, its the best way You could ever wish to be. Be proud of what you look like, and people will have no choice but to be proud of it too. 😉